Wednesday, March 3

My question is WHY?

It’s the 3 year old question that keeps coming to my mind over and over and over again. It’s something that I actually pride myself on asking. I think that far too often, people don’t ask that wonderful question WHY. We have been conditioned to simply accept and. I think, told that we are too incompetent to understand, so it’s just better to let someone else make decisions for us.

I found that I have a great response to someone proposing that attitude for my life. It’s very simple and easy to remember. In fact, it’s just one word.


So what, you may be asking yourself, set him off THIS time? :-)

Ha Ha! It doesn’t seem to take much anymore. I’m not sure if that means I’m getting cranky and cantankerous in my old age, or if I’m actually thinking clearer and requiring more from the World and people around me. Either way, it means that you get to hear me rant about yet another topic here today. :-)

I was watching the movie Legion last night. It’s a good action flick with a fair plot and story. But what captured my attention was the message that was presented. And that’s what got me asking that question why again. At one point in the movie, one character, Jeep Hanson, and the archangel Michael are talking. I won’t give away the plot or the movie, but let me present you with a quote from Michael to Jeep.

“When God chose your kind as the object of His love, I was the first in all Heaven to bow down before you. My love, my hope for Mankind was no less than His. But I have watched you trample that gift. I’ve watched you kill each other over race and greed. Wage war over dust and rubble and words in old books. And yet in the midst of all this darkness, I see some people who will not be bound. I see some people who will not give up even they know all hope is lost. Some people who realize that being lost is so close to being found.”

Read that quote again. Go ahead, I can wait. :-)

It’s really a fairly accurate description of the World in which we live. And it got me thinking. So, my question for you to ponder today is simply this:

Why is it that there are so few people that inspire hope, that give kindness, and that make the right choice even when there is no hope or they understand exactly how high the cost might be?

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand how easy the wrong choice usually is and how tempting that path becomes. I know, because I’ve been down that path myself. I’m sure we all have. But there are those people among us that, more often than not, make that hard, right choice. They are the ones that show that it’s possible to live and love with honor, integrity, compassion, and hope.

They are also not usually the famous, rich, or powerful. Sadly, that is a failing that we of the entire world have responsibility in. Look around at the people that are rich and famous. Sure, some of them, some of the time, stand up with honor and bring hope to those around them. But, at least for me, there’s always that thought that it’s simply for the publicity and the photographers. I hope that I’m wrong, but something tells me I’m probably not.

Now, I’m always one to throw down a gauntlet and offer up a challenge. :-)

So where do you fall in life? Are you one of those that consistently trample this gift we call life? Or are you one that tries to do the right thing, regardless of how hard it might be, and inspire hope for better things in those around you? Do you fall somewhere in the middle? Or do you vacillate between the two?

Once you’ve taken that hard look and now know how you choose to value life, ask yourself this question:

Do you want to be better and more than you are right now?

This is especially important if you have children or are around them. See, kids look up to adults and all of them are taking in what we do and say. That’s how we learn. That’s how we come to understand life and how to live in it. Honestly, what kind of example are you being?

You have everything you need in order to be and do better right inside you. We all do. None of us is lacking in ability, it sees that it’s willpower and integrity that we lack. It seems that we tend not to care about the consequences of our choices or what our choices say about ourselves. It seems that we would rather choose the World than the values of honor and integrity.

What I’m trying to say, in its simplest form, is that it all come down to YOUR choices. You chose each and every day where you stand, which side you’re on.

I would submit that in order for us to change the World, we first need to change our choices and make certain that Right has greater value than easy and Honor and Integrity are placed at the top for everyone else to see.

Come walk this path with me. It’s not the easiest one to walk, there’s not as much glory along the way, but I’ll walk it with you and together, we can change the World.

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Joy said...

Oh I really enjoyed this one! Having kids forces you to ask exactly the kinds of questions you posed. Though maybe not until they're about... 8 or so I think. It's then, when they start emulating your thoughts and behaviors you find a convenient 'feedback' loop!
Many great opportunities to make course corrections!
Joy - we'll see which ID this thing picks up today!