Thursday, October 2

Absolute Vulnerability…

For Sleeping Beauty…

Do you think you can cope?
You figured me out
That I'm lost and I'm hopeless
I’m bleedin’ and broken
Though I've never spoken
I’ve come undone
- Matchbox Twenty “Mad Season”

Do you ever feel that way? Have you ever? If you don’t raise your hand, you are lying. :-)

We live in a world that is chock full of violence, pain, anger, sadness, injustice, hypocrisy, and lies. Is it any wonder we start to feel broken and hopeless? Sometimes, we even get to feeling like it’s just too much. That we won’t be able to take one more blow and we can’t begin to see a way out.

We build a fortress for ourselves and hide within the darkest, safest spot and decide to just exist. We tell our hearts that this is the best plan and convince ourselves that we are “survivors” Meanwhile; everything in life continues to bury us and crush us under its immense weight. “Survivors”? Who are we kidding?

This sound like a familiar story? It should, odds are…you’re living it. I could continue on, but why? You know how the story is going.

So what happens when you find a bit of life or wisdom that shakes the walls of your fortress? What happens when a “Heart Truth”, not a World Truth, comes knocking on your front door? What do we do?

Simple…we run like Hell! :-)

We are SO ingrained in the World Truths that they have become the only truths we want to hear. They are as much a part of ourselves as your eye color. They have become safe, familiar, and in their own way, comforting. Heart Truths? They scare the crap out of us and the easiest choice is to run from it. Because if we faced the Heart Truths, then the fortress we so carefully built will come tumbling down and the safety we thought we had will be revealed to be a complete sham.

So what IS a Heart Truth?

It is a truth about life that you feel the rightness of in your heart. It’s not something that will be shouted from the TV, or pasted all over billboards, or made famous by Nike. It’s something that doesn’t need any of that, because in reality, your Heart already knows it.

Let me give you some examples…

• No matter where you are right now, no matter how you may feel; you are not alone. There is always at least one person there for you, if you let them.
• Love takes many forms, but the simplest and purest expression of it is acceptance.
• YOU will ALWAYS be “worth it”!
• Goldfish are better than dogs…less maintenance and a shorter term of commitment.

Well. OK…maybe not that last one. :-)

So, imagine with me for a bit…Someone coming into your life and sharing Heart Truths with you. Sharing them gently and peacefully. Showing you that loving acceptance. Simple happy to just “be” with you. What do you think your reaction will be? Confusion, fear, sadness, maybe an attempt to run, and most definitely tears as your Heart hears the things it’s always known, and the towering fortress of Solitude will shake and begin to tumble.

Will you keep walking on this path that leads into the unknown, slowly pulling down the fortress brick by brick, and risking being open and vulnerable in a world where being so is considered crazy? Will you come out of hiding into the sunshine, let your Heart breathe, and discover the “real” rules of this life?

OR will you tell yourself that it’s all just a load of horseshit and the world doesn’t really work that way then build the fortress even higher?

A warrior is not about perfection or victory or invulnerability. He's about absolute vulnerability – Soc. “Peaceful Warrior”

Honestly, the choice is yours. Locked up safe and sound in the dark or flying free and soaring in the beautiful sunshine?

But what about the risks??!! Ah yes…we always want to consider the risks.

Yes. There are risks in living your life by Heart Truths, and yes, sometimes you will get hurt. But that’s what life is…risks. Risk of failure. Risk of success. Risk of rejection. And when you start living from your Heart, based on Heart Truths, you WILL find a joy and happiness that can come from nowhere else. It will fill you and lift you up. You will soar higher than the eagles.

I know it’s scary…but that’s OK. Take my hand and know that you’re not alone. I will always be here.

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Curt Frieden said...

Just wanted to leave a quick comment here.

This was truly a great article to read and a very uplifting one at that.

To live a life of absolute vulnerability is to live a life that is free, a life that is truly worth living and a life the way it was meant to be.

Don't hold anything back, *be* you ;-)

--Curt Frieden