Wednesday, December 23

Tis the Season…

Wow. Another year is almost over. I can hardly believe that we’ve made it through another 356 days at this point. So much has happened in this last year, good and bad, happy and sad. And through it all we’ve managed to remain sane (well, mostly) and keep up the glad spirits.

Before I go any further today, I want to take a moment and give a few shout outs to some very important people in my own life. I don’t know if you take the time to publicly and openly express the things that sit in your heart to those that matter in your life, but if you don’t, I’d encourage you to take some time and do just that. I have some many wonderful, loving and supportive people in my life that sometimes I can’t even begin to have the time to tell them all how much they mean to me. I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have them all in my life.

So I’m taking a bit and sharing my love with a few of them all here. SN, JC, MD, AW…you have all seen me at my lowest this year and before. You have helped me get back on my feet time and time again. Listened to me as I have vented, corrected me when I was wrong, and loved me through it all. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for being in my life and being the people that each of you are. You’re all amazing. :-)

Mom, Dad, and sister…you loved me and tolerated me (especially my sister) for my entire life. I know that I haven’t always been the easiest person to love, but I know that you have in your own ways. Know that I will always love you all as well.

My boys…all of them. You are the ones that keep me going every single day. You are my most important things in this life. Every day I want to be better, because of you. I love you more than anything and SO much more than I could ever begin to express. You Are Awesome!

And everyone that reads through my rantings, my unique perspectives on the World we live in, those that come back every time I post, and those that find me every now and then…Thank you for taking a few moments of your time to read. I said a long time ago that if no one commented or was reading my stuff, I’d just pack it in. So, to you all, you are the ones that keep me going here.

Now that all that mushy stuff is done, let’s talk about this season. :-)

No matter what you believe in, this is a special time of year. Originally this was a time that people celebrated the passing of the year and the birth of a new one. It was seen as a time of renewal, reflection, and celebration with all those you shared a life with. It was about friends, family, and everyone living in the village. See, that long ago, most people didn’t survive on their own. Life was a joint effort. Everyone helped everyone else. That was just how it was.

Today, this season is about frantic shopping and spending. The latest, expensive gadgets. Rushing and running to get it all done at the last minute. Crowds and complaints and an amazing level of frustration and emotions (usually anger).

Is this REALLY what it’s all about? Is this how we’ve come to celebrate?

Me…I don’t really like this season. Now…before you jump all over me, hear me out. :-)

For me and mine, this season is just going to be another day. Sure, it’s the end of the year and we’ll celebrate and exchange gifts and laugh and love some more. But that laughter and love and expressions of caring for one another…that’s an everyday kind of thing. Why should I wait until the malls tell me it’s time to tell someone I love them? Why should I let one single day go by without telling those most important how I feel? What makes this day any different from what every other day should be?

My bottom line? It shouldn’t be any different. This feeling that we all want to proclaim is something we should have and show 364 more days of every year. I’m never going to wait to get someone I love a gift to show them that. Why should I?

Every day is a blessing and every moment is a gift. I’ve learned in this last year that we are never given any guarantees. So often, I think, we take each day for granted. After all, most days run in the same pattern. It becomes commonplace and expected. When tragedy hits, we spend a good amount of time dealing with guilt and regret.

“I should have said this”

“I should have done that”

I have a hope for everyone that reads my stuff. I hope that you have a moment of epiphany. That your thoughts and spirits get a good shaking. That you pull the daily film off your eyes and start to see each day as the treasure that it is and the joy that it can be. I hope that every moment becomes precious to you. Regardless of where you are, what you are doing, or whom you are with. Learn to see the beauty and experience the magic of this wonderful gift that we call life.

So, no matter what you believe or how you celebrate…

Merry Christmas! I love you all.

And, see you next year! :-)


Susan said...

Thanks for the Christmas thoughts and the good wishes. You have made a huge difference in my life in the time I've known you. Your creativity sparks mine. Thanks for putting up with my bossiness. =) Do you think we have gathered enough cows for both of us?

suzanne said...

I just wanted to thank you I very much enjoy reading everything you post!! I twas a Crazy holiday for me sorry I haven't kept in touch more often!! But as the New year that is my plan.