Thursday, September 4

Fear Not…live with a heart of courage

In our list of Heroic Traits courage is the most repeated trait. Granted, it takes various shapes and sizes, but it still all boils down to the same thing…plain old courage. It’s probably one of the most recognized and sought after traits. And yet, so very few people ever manifest true courage. I’m not talking about just being brave once…or being forced into a situation where you HAVE to have courage. I’m talking about living a life with a heart FULL of courage, in every aspect and through every moment of life.

Apparently, there are different types of courage…or maybe, different levels of courage. Looking at our list, we’ve got:


6 different levels of true courage. Each is a needed and necessary component of true courage, and probably more as well. So, what do I mean when I talk about TRUE courage? I’m sure you’re wondering that by now.

TRUE Courage is that quality of heart that allows all facets of courage to manifest at any given and needed time. It encompasses all aspects of courageous actions and thoughts and brings out the WARRIOR side of a hero.

Now, now…yes…you DO have a warrior side. Every hero has one. In fact, every potential hero has one. It’s just a matter of refining it and allowing it to become a part of the whole. It’s that warrior side that allows us to stand up against the evil side of this world. It’s what allows us all to be unified in feeling against truly evil actions from others. Don’t believe me? Get a group of people together and show them a child being hurt or abused. EVERYONE will have the same feelings and response. Why? Because it is a fundamentally evil action to hurt a child. EVERYONE will get angry to some degree. That is the warrior side expressing itself. The warrior side does not tolerate evil behavior…ever.

So, why is it that SO much evil happens every day? Where are the warriors? A better question I think, is where has our innate courage gone? We are a species that has survived by being courageous. And, sadly, now that same courage that has allowed us to survive is fading, if not almost gone. The warrior side has been buried and at times, actively put down.

Now the question I propose is: How can we get back that birthright of true courage? How can we live a life from a heart full of true courage?

I think that’s going to be a difficult one to accomplish. Our world doesn’t present lots of opportunities for courage in the normal sense. There aren’t too many predators threatening our homes or marauding bandits threatening the towns. So we will need to look for other opportunities to discover our own courage. But the important thing is that you find that place in your heart where you are strong and brave and willing to fight for what is right and let that become a larger part of you.

Most of the time we let fear control our actions. We don’t stand up and say or do the right thing for fear of being judged or fear for our job or fear of… Some people believe that a courageous person is one that has no fear. They couldn’t be more wrong. EVERYONE has fear. Someone that lives with a heart of courage is better at dealing with that fear and accepting the risks of living courageously. They are able to act in accordance with their core because their courage lets them put the fear aside, in its proper place.

We spend SO much of our time worrying with fear about SOMETHING. After all…that’s all worry is, fear. Set some of that aside for today. You don’t have to do much, even just one thing. And use that time to find your courage. Find that place where you can stand up to anything and KNOW that you will succeed. Even if you can’t find true courage inside, and I know it’s there, take a hold of some part of courage. Get some level in your life and your heart. And then, build on it! Get another level and another…until you find your heart filled with it and you come to know what true courage is all about.

Courage comes in all shapes and sizes…right now…make in YOUR shape and size. :-)

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