Monday, January 25

I like Silk and Lace…

Welcome back my friends and readers!

You KNEW that I’d have to follow the last post with this one. :-) Fair is fair.

So today…I’m making a call for all the REAL Women to stand up!

OK…ok…now, almost all of you, sit back down. :-)

I’m sure that you all THINK you’re real women, but I’m not so sure. Just like every guy wants to think of himself as a REAL Man, I know that all you women want to think of yourself as a REAL Woman.

So, let’s look for a second at what a REAL Woman looks like. Shall we?

Now, before we go ANY further, let me say that this is my OPINION. It’s what I believe, just like with the men, and it’s what I think fits in the right ways. If you want to yell at me about my opinion, do us both a favor and don’t. :-)

Moving right along…

Our World has painted a horrible picture of women. Not just in generally, but specifically as well. You are all told that REAL women are size 2’s, with 36DD, mothers, CEOs, and master of all you survey.

How STUPID and completely wrong!

It’s this warped and twisted mentality that absolutely pisses me off. REAL Women are NOT that. Not at all. You weren’t designed and made for all that. Sorry, but you weren’t.

Women were made to be the counterpoint to a Man. If you go biblical, you were made as a helpmate. A companion and a partner. If you just want to go with what feels right…you were made to be treasured, loved, and protected.

Let me make a little list here, by no means completely comprehensive.

REAL Women…
Are NOT obsessive about their size in any of the “standard” measurements
Are confident and happy in themselves
Know that work and family are opposing choices
Make the world a better place

Our World LOVES to lie to us. The biggest and most damaging lie, I think, that the World has told women is that you HAVE to be it all. You HAVE to be the best Mother and the toughest employee and the hardest fighter around. I’m sorry…but that simply is NOT true.

You may not like it, but in order to BE the best Mother, you have to be there as a Mother. You can’t be the best and work 90 hours a week. Sorry, it just won’t happen.

Everyone in this world is called upon to make choices and sacrifices. You can be a great Mother OR you can be the Boss at work. You can’t cut it both ways. There is only SO much time on hand and we all have to decide where our time gets focused.

You aren’t supposed to wear the pants for your family. Honestly, are you comfortable when you have to? It’s supposed to be the Man’s role to lead and listen to his closest counselor, YOU. You see things in a different way than he does. And BOTH ways are valid.

I’m going to say something that will probably get me in trouble with a whole lot of women. Like the rest of this won’t. :-)

Women are not the same as men. There are things that a Man does that you shouldn’t or can’t. And vice versa. There is NOTHING wrong with that. Honest.

I think that a REAL Woman is one that laughs a lot. Happiness is the soul of a real woman. You can’t love if you’re not happy. It just doesn’t work. Women were made for and from love. It is true, you are the weaker sex. So what? That’s the way you were made. Men were made stronger so that we might be able to protect you. You are the fairer sex. I think that’s AWESOME! There is no Man that is half as beautiful as the plainest Woman. That’s the way you were made. Thank God for that.

You were made to be a treasure in a Man’s heart. There’s just something about you that we love and want to defend.

I think that all women are beautiful. But I think that the REAL Women are absolutely astounding. They don’t worry what the World says. They simply know that the best thing in the world is being themselves, just the way they were made.

I read once that the question that every woman’s heart wants the answer to is, “Am I captivating? Am I special to you?” I know that this is true. No matter how old the woman is, her heart wants to know this answer. Who can answer that question? A Real Man can and does.

We are a perfectly made pair that stands together against anything the World can throw at us.

Today I celebrate the REAL Women. I raise my glass and give thanks that you were made the way you are. Because I am a Real Man. I KNOW that I have what it takes.

And, to me, you are absolutely captivating.